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My hobby is temari, a Japanese art form of embroidery on a ball. I have been stitching temari for approximately 11 years and I am still as interested in exploring this beautiful art as I was the day I discovered it.

Blanket Stitch Swirl

I recently found a Netflix video of this motif it was stitched on a hoop. I really liked the look so I gave it a try on temari. This is my learning ball. Advertisements

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Beaded Temari

Recently I’ve been looking into art forms, other then embroidery, that can be used to decorate a temari. I have always been interested in beading but never had the opportunity to learn it. I was very happy to see that … Continue reading

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Camellias, Puzzle It Out

Recently the Temari Challenge Yahoo Group participated in a puzzle it out on how to stitch a camellia flower. We originally thought that the pattern was a C10, but when we looked at the pattern it turned out to be … Continue reading

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C6 Sampler

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C6 temari

Talk temari Yahoo group recently had a question about the C6 marking. I could not remember ever stitching a temari with that marking. There are very few patterns for it in temari books, but I looked up what few there … Continue reading

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Asanoha study

Asanoha or hemp is not a motif I have used a lot in the past. The first photo is what, I believe, most people would think of as traditional Asanoha. It is stitched on an equilateral triangular grid and gives … Continue reading

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3 layer flower

Sorry I have not updated in such a long time. I had a very serious health issue. I won’t bore you with the details, but I am back to my old self and stitching temari again. While looking through my … Continue reading

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A rainbow of colors on a C8 temari

Hello everyone! The holidays are over and life is getting back to normal. I haven’t done much stitching of temari since my last post, but this is one that I did stitch. The pattern is in a Japanese book, “Temari … Continue reading

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S12 Renzoku – Different Paths Different looks.

I am calling these star renzoku because they all require extra guidelines in the shape of a star. Even though they are all the same marking a small change in the stitch path can make a big difference in the … Continue reading

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Renzoku Play S12,2 layers,6 points

I have been getting a lot of questions and comments about this one, so I thought it would be good to do a blog about it. It does look striking, especially with one layer done in stripes and one solid. … Continue reading

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