Beaded Temari

Recently I’ve been looking into art forms, other then embroidery, that can be used to decorate a temari. I have always been interested in beading but never had the opportunity to learn it. I was very happy to see that YouTube has many wonderful tutorials and I was inspired to create some beaded temari.


C8temari.bead madalions.JoanZ

Embroidery from a pattern in the Japanese temari book, Elegant Temari from Osaka and Kyoto. Bead medallion adapted from a pattern in Bead and Button Magazine.


C8 beaded_JoanZ

Bead medallions were adapted from a pattern in Bead and Button Magazine

Both of the above Temari were worked with superduo beads. I used a bead weaving technique and then appliqued the medallions onto the mari.


92 face beaded temari. Original design.

These bead flowers were made from bicone beads and seed beads. I also used a bead weaving technique for the flowers and then attached them to the mari.

This ball took a lot of work, but I think the finished temari was worth it.

I prefer the beaded temari with some embroidery. It just seems warmer and more inviting to me. I’m going to look for some traditional patterns that can be reinterpreted with some beading, like the green temari above, but don’t worry, I’ll still be stitching my traditionally embroidered temari as well.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed.





About joanztemari

My hobby is temari, a Japanese art form of embroidery on a ball. I have been stitching temari for approximately 11 years and I am still as interested in exploring this beautiful art as I was the day I discovered it.
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7 Responses to Beaded Temari

  1. Laura Bezzeg says:

    Very cool. I really like the 92 faces.

  2. Kathy H says:

    I applaud your work, Joan. Lately I have added beads to my work but not so many as you have here. They are mostly to enjoy in small clusters. I have done two sets inspired by the three sisters on Downton Abbey and I think they look pretty nice. They’re heading for charity silent auctions. It is good to see new ideas. Thank you!

  3. starhandarts says:

    These are wonderful. My own relationship with bead applique and embroidery is using very small seed beads and I believe they would need to be applied to a scrim of some sort, then applied to the Temari surface. These bigger scale beads seem to work beautifully applied directly to the thread wrap. Texture is really a dominant factor with these also. Dimension off the surface is a sweet detail in these balls.

    • joanztemari says:

      Thank you Starhandarts. I agree, I like the texture on the temari. I’ve been looking for ways to do it. Beading is fun and I’m learning new things.

  4. I love your beaded temari!

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