Camellias, Puzzle It Out

Recently the Temari Challenge Yahoo Group participated in a puzzle it out on how to stitch a camellia flower. We originally thought that the pattern was a C10, but when we looked at the pattern it turned out to be a 122 face pattern. Since the question was: How do I stitch this flower? we decided a puzzle it out exercise would be the best way to learn how to stitch this flower.


First we puzzled out how to stitch the flower on an S10 mari. The white half diamonds are an advanced stitching technique. It is important that the angle of the white thread be parallel to the legs of the red star. the white thread is carried under the thread wrap and must be brought up in the correct place to star the next white section.


Camellia Flower, original pattern

Next we redesigned the pattern to be able to stitch on a C10. Above is my first redesign. I really like how it turned out. the down side of this is that it is not an easy pattern to stitch. The marking must be very even or your stars will be crocked and all those half white triangles are mildly difficult.

I decide to try something else.


Camellia Flower, Original design

I stitched a different star and for the white section I stitched a large white star around the red star. I like this one better from a distance.

We had a lot of fun with this puzzle it out. I hope to do more in the future.



About joanztemari

My hobby is temari, a Japanese art form of embroidery on a ball. I have been stitching temari for approximately 11 years and I am still as interested in exploring this beautiful art as I was the day I discovered it.
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