Asanoha study

Asanoha or hemp is not a motif I have used a lot in the past. The first photo is what, I believe, most people would think of as traditional Asanoha. It is stitched on an equilateral triangular grid and gives a very even and repetitive look to the filled in area.






The second photo is the Asanoha stitched on a large right-triangle grid. I use this in samplers. It is not as regularly spaced as the traditional Asanoha, but it is a very pretty variation.







The third photo is Asanoha stitched on a smaller right-triangle grid. I am not sure that the photo captured the Victorian feel of the actual temari. I like the look and feel of the Asanoha motif done on the right-triangle grid.
This study was a very interesting learning experience.


About joanztemari

My hobby is temari, a Japanese art form of embroidery on a ball. I have been stitching temari for approximately 11 years and I am still as interested in exploring this beautiful art as I was the day I discovered it.
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